Ryosuke Ito

Japanese luthier, based in Cremona

joined BdA in 2022

Ryosuke Ito was born in Osaka Japan in 1980.

He has loved music and crafts since childhood.

He started working at a musical instrument workshop in 2003 while studying English and music abroad in Ireland.

During his time in Ireland, he made and repaired guitars, mandolins, bouzoukis, hurdy-gurdys and other instruments. However, he wanted to start studying violin making from scratch and enrolled in an Italian school in 2008.

He learned instrument making from Wanna Zambelli and repairs from Allesandro Voltini and Claudio Amighetti. After graduating from the school in 2012, he frequented Davide Sora‘s workshop for advice. In order to improve his restoration technique, he attended a violin and Bow restoration course and completed it in 2017. He studied violin restoration from Luca Baratto and Barthélemy Garnier and bow restoration from Emilio Slaviero and Lorenzo Lazzarato in addition he studied stringed instruments such as guitar and mandolin with Bob van de kerckhove.

After completing the course, he trained at the workshop of Mr Alberto Giordano, who is also known as the manager of Cannone, and later he started working as a restoration manager at the workshop of Jens G Jhohanson in Cremona. He uses his experience in restoring old violins when making new instruments.

When making musical instruments he does not just imitate the old masters but thinks about what kind of musical instruments they would make if they possessed current tools and modern knowledge. He also makes his own varnishes, pigments and purfling etc. to create his ideal instrument.

He is interested in folk music as well as classical music, and he produces instruments from not only the violin family but also nyckelharpa, mandolin etc. in his own style using the technique of violin making.



2nd prize with a viola at 8th National Violin making Competition A.N.L.A.I, 2014


1st prize with a viola at 9th National Violin making Competition A.N.L.A.I, 2015


3rd prize with a violin at International Violin making Competition Citta` di Roma 2016


Honable Mention Diploma with violin and viola at Malta International Violin Making Competition 2017


The Best Articulated Responding Sound Viola at Malta International Violin Making Competition 2017


2nd prize with a viola at 8th International Violin Making Competition Sesto Fiorentino 2017


3rd prize with a viola in professional category at International Violin making Competition “Andrea Postacchini-Alessandro Riccucci” 2019


2nd prize with a viola in professinal category at at10th International Violin Making Competition Sesto Fiorentino 2019


Finalist(5th position) and Special prize of Polish Union of Artist violin makers “The Luthier’s Art in Poland” for the best non-polish Finalist at 14th International Henryk Wieniawski Violin Making Competition 2021


3rd prize with a cello in professional category at 12th International Violin making Competition “ANLAI Pisogne” 2021

Ryosuke Ito 05

In today’s international violin making competitions, the performance of Asian luthiers is unique, among them, the performance of Asian luthiers who have lived in Cremona for a long time is even more outstanding.  Asian luthiers have their own unique advantages.  In Cremona, atmosphere of long-term influence, as well as the guidance of famous Maestro, in recent years, the performance is very eye-catching.  


Under the guidance of two famous Maestro, the level of Ryosuke Ito’s work is very high.  He studied in the studio of Davide Sora, the famous contemporary maker of Cremona, for three years. After that, he practiced in the studio of Alberto Giorndano – gardian of Paganini’s Famous Guarneri “Il Cannone”.  


Ryosuke Ito not only has the delicacy and meticulousness of Asian luthier, but also absorbs Davide Sora’s unique style and a lot of classical traditional knowledge from Alberto Giorndano.  

Ryosuke Ito is a young luthier who is willing to experiment with new technologies and materials.  Many of the latest techniques, you can find on his instruments.  A special sound box closing derived from the Milanese school;  The built-in carbon fibre reinforcement used to hold the Angle of the neck, the special protective covering of the soundpost area on the panel, and so on, can be found in his instruments.  These techniques and techniques do not change the appearance of the instrument but contribute greatly to the sound and durability of the instrument.  

Making his own lack colours


Ryosuke Ito, Made in 2018
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Ryosuke Ito’s work was done by him alone.  This also includes cooking the varnish and natural lake extracted by himself, etc.  


He is interested in folk music as well as classical music, and he produces instruments from not only the violin family but also nyckelharpa, mandolin etc. in his own style using the technique of violin making

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Why order from 'Bottega degli Amici’

One price

We offer the same price as if you ordered directly from the luthier, On top of that, you don’t need to pay any extra deliver fee or transportation cost.

Two consultants

As a full – time maker, we have relatively few free moments to discuss the details of the order. In ‘Bottega degli Amici’, you always got two consultants, in this case will be Piotr Pielaszek and my self, Jie Yu. In order to keep the luthier concentrate in their creation, I’ll help you to start your own bespoke instrument. From the material choice to the final delivery and the easiest payments between different currency and the best changing rates. 

More satisfaction

What if I’m not satisfied with my bespoke instrument? Easy. We keep one already made instruments for every joined luthiers in our workshop in Melbourne. You can simply switch it to another at a reasonable extra cost.

Long term maintenance

You can find me in the Melbourne’s work shop to keep your instruments on their best performance. And I always get the support from the original creator luthier, such as the original measurements, varnish, material, accessories etc.

Time saving

We value the time best. Where ever you live, Melbourne, Beijing, Singapore, Hong Kong, We bring the instruments to you.* 

And as you might already know, the good luthiers are always fully booked for years. In ’BdA’,your waiting time well be reduced at lest 50%, because the instruments are pre-booked by ‘BdA’ a long time ago.


The Membership of the ‘BdA’ has a great value. We offer special prices for almost all the top brands or special brands in the string instruments industrial. Such as case, strings, set-ups, for some brands, we are the exclusive dealer in Australia and Chinese market. We make sure that our clients get the best equipments with the best prices.


Most frequent questions and answers

You will be expecting 2 years for bespoke one of his instrument. Please give us a call to check 

PP04 violin for 2022 VSA competition. Sold

PP04C cello for 2022 VSA competition. Sold

PP05 violin for 2023. Sold

PP06 violin for 2023  Available for order


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