Jie(Gino) Yu

Chinese luthier, based in Melbourne.

Jie(Gino) Yu, a violin maker, and manager of the BdA fine violin. He started to play the cello at a very young age. At the Central Conservatory of Music, Beijing China, under the guidance of Quan Zheng, who is the first violin maker diplomated in Cremona Italy,  Jie became a violin maker and obtain a bachelor’s degree.

To continue his study, Jie entered the ‘International violin making school in Cremona Italy, in 2005. He followed different masters to improve his skill and open his mind, the last two years he decided to enter the Restauration class.

For the first two years, he followed M. Daniele Scolari and M. Angelo Sperzaga, for the last two years he followed M. Allesandro Voltini and M.Claudio Amighetti for Restoration.

After graduation, he came back to China and established his workshop in Beijing in 2009.

In 2010, he founded the ‘Violin Arts Club’ – the successor of ’Bottega degli Amici ‘ as known as the BdA fine violins. He invited the most respected and talented contemporary violin makers to join the BdA brotherhood.

In 2020, he moved to Melbourne, Australia.

Medels / Certifications


I’m looking for improvement in every instrument I have made. Quantity and speed are never my concern. 

My instruments are made for the commission, and temperately I have to close to taking new commissions due to the long waiting list I already have, it will take at least another 5 years to accomplish the current waiting list.


However, In 2020, I decided to live in the beautiful city of Melbourne. If you are living in Victoria, I might give the Australian commission some priority. And for sure, I always welcome professional musicians who are fascinated by the art of violin making. If you want to try my instruments or have some chats with a luthier, please contact me by email. yujieviolin@gmail.com